2015 Stockli Laser AX

No matter how well you ski, stepping into the Stöckli Laser AX will make you feel like you instantly ski better. Perfect short-radius turns spool off the edge with mindless ease, despite the presence of an early rise tip that doesn’t adversely affect accuracy through the turn transition.

Stöcklis are known for harboring a power reserve that could light Switzerland for a week, and the Laser AX is imbued with a heavy streak of this genetic trait. That’s an oblique way of saying you can push a 175cm Laser AX to above highway speed limits and it doesn’t flinch. Amazingly, you can still turn off the carving switch and scrub a turn on a whim, which puts this Stöckli in the Kästle MX 83’s elite company for providing Power and Finesse qualities in equal measure.

“The blend of quickness and agility yet ease of use sets the Laser AX apart,” notes Boot Doctor’s Head of Surgery, Bob Gleason. “The light tip rise is smartly designed to provide forgiveness yet not compromise its hard-charging style.”