As Realskiers’ official wordsmith, your intrepid Editor has selected one word to describe a run on the Stöckli Laser SX: exhilarating.

Let’s get the caveats out of the way: slow speeds don’t motivate it, deep snow isn’t its métier and accommodating sloppy skiers won’t happen on its watch. But if you possess the skills, boy oh boy does this ski know how to bring out the best in an expert skier’s repertoire.

It’s so active off the edge it’s like the turn transition comes off a trampoline, but it lands with such confidence you can’t resist its open invitation to do it again. You’d think a ski this narrow would have no interest in conditions like wind crust, or maybe it would balk in runway-model-thin couloirs, but you would be wrong times two. It’s hit-tilt-bend-detonate and a complete direction change is instigated and consummated so fast you could blink and miss it.

If this sounds over the head of the average skier, it is. Stöckli doesn’t make average skis and isn’t overly concerned if mediocre skiers shy away due to the breathtaking (and peculiar, to the penny) suggested retail. Some expensive stuff is worth the price, and the Laser SX is one of those things.