The Stöckli Stormrider Motion does for women what the Stormrider 88 does for men: it’s made a little softer to better conform to irregular terrain and respond to a lighter touch.

Stöckli’s main focus was, is and shall remain performance on hard snow, so even a softer Motion with a lighter core and rockered baseline—all against-the-grain concessions for the race-obsessed Swiss—holds with such precision that it earned perfect scores for carving accuracy. This makes for a ski that transitions from soft, untracked snow to groomers so unflappably that one could ski in and out of powder on every turn and barely feel the terrain change underfoot.

Like all ultra-accurate, brilliantly crafted skis, the Motion deserves an owner with commensurate charms. Its leader-of-the-pack Power rating describes a ski that rewards technical skiing, and if there’s a fly in this exquisite ointment, it’s that the sweet spot is small. But this should pose no obstacle to the skilled, for whom the Motion will feel easy to manage.