2015 Stockli Stormrider 88

There are several reasons you don’t find Stöcklis everywhere skis are sold: the little Swiss factory doesn’t make very many; they not only don’t cut corners, they add a few, so they cost as much as Bit coins; and they customarily require more skill and energy than the average American skier possesses.

At least the Stormrider 88 addresses the last issue, as it’s much easier to bow into a big-bellied turn than Stormriders of yore. One expects to see the Stormrider 88 earn an elite rating for accurate carving; more eye opening is the well-above average score for forgiveness and facility.

“It blends a smooth, round turn shape with superb ease of use,” writes Bob Gleason, proprietor of Boot Doctors in Telluride. “It has fortitude in holding strength but is not overbearing,” he adds, alluding to Stöckli’s history of über-burly skis.

As reliable and shockproof as a Swiss watch, the Stormrider 88 is unintimidated in the face of adversity, no matter if said adversity takes the form of glistening boilerplate or day-old crud.