2015 Stockli Stormrider 95

The Stormrider 95 is such a tireless powerhouse, it’s hard to fathom how burly it must have been before Stöckli lightened the core and rockered the baseline last season. Stöckli managed to make the current 95 easier to ski without gutting its ability to carve a clean, unbroken arc.

As one enthusiast of both iterations opined, “You can take this ski anywhere, anytime. An amazing one-stick wonder, it carves railroad track turns [on groomers] then goes seamlessly into powder, bumps or crud.”

The term “one-ski quiver” came up on card after card, as did the advice to get your act together before you go Stormriding. “At their best at high speed,” said one impressed tester, adding, “They don’t really engage until about 45mph.”

“You need to be a strong skier,” agreed another essayist. “Fun, but you got to be on your game.”

You also need to have deep pockets, but in Stöckli’s defense, they are one premium-priced product that delivers on the promise of performance.